Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Fresh Wine Company couldn't exist without the following people:

Mentor- Will Bucklin

Will on tractor

Will owns and farms Old Hill Ranch, one of California's oldest continuously operating vineyards, and has blocks dating to the 1880s. A longtime dry farming advocate, Will has an outsize influence on FRES.CO's dedication to regenerative agriculture and minimalist winemaking.         @willbuckzin


Farmer- Ross Cannard


Ross manages Benguerel vineyard in a unique, hands-off manner that avoids all sprays, irrigation, and tillage. No-till farming reduces erosion, keeping local streams clear; dry farming keeps water in aquifers and improves grape quality; and abstaining from spray passes minimizes tractor emissions. Together these practices enhance habitat for native plants and animals. 



Farmer- David Rothschild


David manages the Nelson vineyard along with several nearby plantings. He recently leased the vineyard and has transitioned his vines from Roundup to regenerative, and avoids all pesticides but elemental sulfur. Don't let the flowers fool you, he is a BAD guy.  



Winemaker- Jack Sporer


Jack owns and operates Magnolia Wine Services, a natural wine collective in Sonoma, CA. After working 10 harvests in 5 countries, he started the Fresh Wine Co. to support local farmers and highlight Sonoma Valley's growing commitment to regenerative agriculture.

Artist- Valentina Lopera

Valentina is a perennial traveller and a stick-and-poke tattoo artist of great talent. Currently based in Mexico City, she designs the labels and runs the instagram page.